All about us

We are a 24 hour a day, seven days a week total rock radio station streaming over the internet from our servers in Europe.
Our studios are in a beautiful part of the world high above the sea in the shadow of the Mynydd Preseli in south west Wales. The area is famous for ancient monuments, the spectacular coastline, densely wooded valleys, and many myths and legends.
Just a few kilometres from our studios can be found the very place where the famous Stonehenge Bluestones were originally quarried over 2000 years ago.

It’s not surprising then that through the years many famous rock groups came to write, rehearse and record material at small studios in this area and were inspired by the history, beauty and solitude around them. The presence of these studios also enabled local musicians to record their own material and BrooklynFM makes a strong point of playing Welsh language rock music.

We play a wide range of rock music as we know that our listeners appreciate rock music in all its forms. So if you like the classic rock from The Rolling Stones, The Who, America, The Eagles, or indie music from Monaco, The Thrills, The Killers, or modern classic rock from Coldplay, U2, REM, then you will love BrooklynFM. In addition we play a lot of new rock music from groups and artists such Midas Touch, local group Sleepy Panda Club and Fronz Arp.

Thank you for listening!

BrooklynFM is streamed by Radionomy from servers situated in France & Belgium. The royalties on all music played on the station are paid by Radionomy through an agreement with SABAM (SABAM is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers). For more information visit Radionomy’s website. If you believe that your copyright was infringed, email and we will look into the matter. However, please check beforehand to see if copyrights have already been paid by Radionomy to SABAM.

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